Our Aurora Dentist Office Debunks Common Health Myths

Patients of our Aurora dentist office regularly ask questions about oral health. While some are more common in nature, like what toothbrush is the best to use and "how long should I brush my teeth," others are based on popular […] Continue Reading

At Our Aurora Office, We Provide Preventative Care and Dental Restorations

If you damage your tooth, we offer dental restorations in our Aurora office that can help.  Otherwise, for preventative care, we prefer to see you in our family dentist office twice a year. This allows us to remove the plaque […] Continue Reading

Ways We Can Help You in Our Aurora Family Dentist Office

When you need the best care, visit our Aurora family dentist office. We can provide you with all of the procedures, check-ups, and dental cleanings you or your family members need. If you have plaque buildup, decay, or you would […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Aurora Teeth Whitening on Your Smile and Interactions

Believe it or not, teeth whitening can actually play an important role in how you interact with people socially, especially in the context of first meetings. The reality of human interaction in a first meeting is that we all rush […] Continue Reading

If Your Face Hurts When You Wake Up, Visit an Aurora Dentist

In our Aurora dentist office, we can provide relief from pain in your jaw or face. Many people do not realize that how their jaw or face feels is often impacted by what is happening inside of their mouth.  The […] Continue Reading

An Aurora Dentist Answers Questions About Dental Care

As an Aurora dentist, we know how important preventative dental care is to the overall health of our patients.  Yes, you can wait until you have a toothache to come in, but this will only create discomfort that you don’t need […] Continue Reading

Create a Preventative Care Plan With a Dentist

As you age, working with a Dentist becomes increasingly important.  Aging impacts virtually all areas of health, and while most people are concerned with things like heart and mental health, teeth can deteriorate with age as well, making a preventative […] Continue Reading

The Process of Getting Dental Laminates Placed Onto Your Teeth

In our office, we provide dental laminates for those that are looking to improve the appearance of their smile.  Laminates, also known as veneers, are an excellent way to create a uniform smile – one without stains, chips, cracks, etc. […] Continue Reading

You Can Have Same Day Restorations with CEREC Dental Care

If your tooth is damaged, CEREC dental care is an amazing solution for restoring it.  Modern dentistry has continued to improve, and one of the greatest advancements is in restorations.  Previously, patients that needed to have a tooth restored would […] Continue Reading

Why Preventative Dental Care Is So Important

Many people don’t realize the importance of preventative dental care until they face harmful oral issues. People assume preventative dental care means taking a trip to the dentist once a year and having cavities filled. These are a few ways […] Continue Reading